Stuttgart is one of Europe’s most efficient trade centres. The state capital offers numerous companies the best conditions for stability and growth.

A well-balanced mixture of successful start-ups, medium-sized companies of great tradition and global concerns as well as their cooperation with research institutions ensure the innovation and export capacity of international importance. As the industrial centre of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state capital is mainly home to renowned companies from the automotive, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering industry.

In addition to the economic attractiveness, Stuttgart is a city with high quality of life and it is one of Germany’s cities with the greatest purchasing power and prosperity.
This is where nature and lively big city get united in perfect harmony.

As a cultural hot spot with a wide variety of recreational offerings the state capital impresses with excellent cultural institutions like the Stuttgart Ballet and the Opera House, renowned museums as well as international festivals. Also in the field of sports, the city keeps on moving with big international events. With its mineral baths, the water holds hidden treasures making Stuttgart, after Budapest,
Europe’s most mineral-rich city.